Administration and Accounting

We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary team providing professional services in the different areas of business processes.

Based on a deep understanding of our customers? business and national issues, operational excellence is ensured in the careful management of the delegated areas, thus allowing our customers to focus completely on their own business and also reducing overhead costs.

Administration and Accounting

-        Establishing of administration

-        Registration and transaction control

-        Control of monthly balances

-        Local management reports and international aims.

-        Preparation of cash flows and budgets

-        Updates of ledgers, main and secondary.

-        Reconciliation of accounts

-        Advising for opening bank accounts and obtaining credit cards.


-        Payment of wages as well as social and fiscal burdens.

-        Consultancies and advising on working and social security issues.

-        Management of expatriates situations

-        Assistance in opening bank accounts to pay for accreditation.

-        Management documentation and staff background.

-        Procedures and registration with the appropriate authorities

-         Estimations of labor costs and/or expected remuneration to be received in a given moment.

-        Audits operating earnings.

-        Quality controls and/or defense agency requirements for the job.

Tax Consulting

-        Advising on issues related to the tax law income, IVA tax, stamp law, land tax, and inheritance taxations, donations and allowances.

-        Control and/or determination of debits and credits.

-        Renta and IVA tax yearly affidavits

-        Schemes of information as required by tax authorities.

-        Special taxes audits.

Quality controls and/or special requirements for local tax agencies.

Corporations Consultancy

-        Integral advising for the development of all kind of commercial and civilian societies.

-        Comprehensive Counseling for starting up nonprofit foundations and corporations.

-        Writing of reports.

-        Registration of shareholders.

-        Reformulation of statutes and/or corporate contracts, with their inscription in the Register of Commerce of the respective Real Estate and Commerce.

-        Reorganizations.

-        Updating of the corporation books.

Risks Management

-        Approval and registration of supplier invoices.

-        Issuance of orders

-        Calculating and issuing of withholding taxes receipts.

-        Preparation of Checks.

-        Attention of providers.

-        Reconciliation of accounts

-        Declaration and payment of social security contributions and taxes.

-        Projections of expenditures.

Through an effective risk management program our aim is on helping organizations to focus on strengthening their internal controls and processes in order to improve their organizational management and information systems, supporting our customers constantly to develop improvements in important aspects such as:

Internal Auditing

-        Definition of the function of internal auditing

-        Restructuring of the internal auditing function

-        Advising on strategies for internal auditing

-        Support for non-routine audits and high-complexity cases (royalties, buildings, suppliers, human resources, etc).

-        Audits and control of contractors and implementations of solutions for this end.

-        Management Audits

-        Special researches

-        Consulting in risks management

-        Human sources? support for auditing (outsourcing/ co-sourcing)

-        Advising on the implementation of an internal control system

-        Advising on the implementations of auditing and monitoring.


Corporate Government, Ethics and Transparency

-        Induction of good governing practices

-        Advising to auditing committees

-        Integration of auditing committees as independent directors.

-        Advising in the main staves responsibilities.

-        Organizations structuring ? Management structuring

-        Creation and implementation of a good business ethos

-        Implementation and administration of clear lines of complaints.

Compliances (Normative- Regulatory)

-        Compliance with legal, taxing, labor and welfare regulations

-        Risks assessment of regulatory breaches

-        Compliance with tax legislations

-        Collaboration in the development and implementation of compliance policies, standards and procedures.

-        Certification of outsourced process controls

-        Contract?s analysis ? inventory of contractual risks

-        Automation of regulations? compliance

-        Inventory of compliance and array design

-        Planning of compliance regulation controls.

-        Setting of priorities and solutions to the lack of controls.

Outsourcing process controls for business

The supporting activity that you need is our core.

Controls based in methodology, technology, innovation and intelligence.

Contractors? Control

For companies with a high outsourcing volume.

Purchasing Control. Auditing, Control and Suppliers qualifications.

When it is necessary to evaluate if the conditions being used to buy are the best ones for your organization. Being careful with your expenses is an essential component for your profitability.

Applications? processes control and expenses reports

For companies that provide a significant amount of advances for expenses and receive the respective outputs.

Automation and Acceleration of Reconciliations

For companies needing to improve the quality of their accounts information in an ongoing basis.

Stock and fixed assets inventories. Inventories control

To measure the reliability of your company assets at any moment, greatly lessening their differences and increasing control.

Compliance (Compliance, regulatory and corporate policies controls)

Support for the implementation and testing of legal controls effectiveness

Special operational auditing to point out warnings and risk situations

Through a simple but strong work methodology based in risks, our customers are guided in how to strength their internal controls and the continuous monitoring of their transactions.

Projects control

Our studies are focused on reducing expenses through solid progress and budget controls; this is achieved through the detection and alert due to significant changes in the meantime, time, costs, and the gap of quality between the original project and its final implementation.

Spreadsheets Control

As not everything happening within your spreadsheets is easy to spot, we are committed to give support so the full picture can be seen.

Control services just for you

Creativity, methodology, technology and innovation at the service of a good control.